How It Works


Beginning June 1, 2023 OnlineBalboa will be moving to a new streaming and payment service. As such, we won’t be able to carry over the accounts and passwords to a new location. If you purchase a lesson here today, or have purchased lessons here before, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THEM before that date.

To download a video, simply play the video, and a downward arrow should be visible on the playbar. Click that arrow and your download should begin.

And, please do not give those downloaded lessons to others; we’re a very small company run by two not-very-highly-paid artists, and piracy greatly affects us.

Balboa Online works with a video streaming service to deliver content to dancers across the world. Our goal is to offer simple, pay-per-video lessons, without the hassle of subscriptions. Once you have purchased a video, you can download it, or watch it as many times as you want. We will be moving to a new streaming service in June, so videos should be downloaded once bought.

All our lessons are available by going to the menu at the top left of the screen. You can see them listed individually there in small print. There is also an “All Lessons” page as well as lists of lessons for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced, for those who need help on their level-tests, and for those who wanted a one-stop-shop for the classic Bobby & Kate DVDs, which are now available streaming online.

Purchasing a Lesson:

Step 1.

When you see a video you’d like to purchase, simply click on it. There will appear a big price box (the price will be converted from any major currency) and a box for a password. Click on the payment box. It will take you to a PayPal link that will allow you to either pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

Step 2.

When you purchase a video, you will be able to watch it immediately, and you will be sent an email to the email account affiliated with the payment. That email will have the password to watch the video for the future. (When you click on a video, you should see a box appear below the prices that allows you to type in a password.)

We recommend saving that email, and having a list somewhere of the lessons you’ve purchased and the passwords affiliated with those lessons.

If you do not see the email, CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. (Not doing so may cause the type of headaches we got while testing the videos for this website.)

** For the first few months of the program we tried a special anti-piracy, two-password code situation for when people switched computers. We have gone to a much simpler system where you only need the original password to watch it anytime, anywhere. However, this system makes password-sharing a lot easier. Please do not share the password with more than one partner. We are two hardworking artists and this is our livelihood to help pay rent, health care, and savings for when we retire at the age of 112 — code sharing very easily leads to the loss of a significant amount of income. We sincerely appreciate you considering this. 🙂 **

Step 3.

Enjoy! And check back in often, as we will add new lessons about once a month.

For any help, please contact and