About B&K

Bobby White & Kate Hedin have won pretty much every championship in the worldwide Balboa scene, including five All Balboa Weekend Championships and three California Balboa Championships between them.

They are even more proud of their fifteen years of teaching together, which has made them famous for their detailed understanding of the dance, their clear instruction, and their strategic use of sound effects.

Bobby is also the writer of the renowned swing dance history and culture blog Swungover, and the book Practice Swing.


About the Cats

Lord Finley of Featherbottom

After perfecting the art of being very very very good looking, he went on to find fame and fortune in appearing unannounced and uninvited in classic dance instructional videos


When not plotting the demise of civilization, she enjoys knocking expensive items off of high shelves and practicing her “oh hell no” face.


(Not pictured in our films)

Julien is afraid of all humans. Especially camera crews.

Special Thanks

Jen Seda and Ben Wisner, for use of their space (and cats) for filming our lessons.

Adonye Jaja, for the incredible photos.

Andrew Wilson and Jessica Miltenberger for website feedback.

And all of our other teaching partners who have helped us grow as teachers over the years.