Feeling comfortable with basic and intermediate patterns? Here is a list of lessons we think will be of interest to Advanced dancers.

Make sure to check back often, as we will add new lessons about once a month.


Footwork for Inter/Adv Dancers DVD

Since arms are almost always connected in Balboa and Bal-Swing, much of the dance is expressed through footwork. This DVD gives lots of footwork variations for both Leaders and Followers in all of the “Five Basics” — Pure Bal, Out & In, Lollies, Toss-out, and Swivels.

Aesthetics for Followers DVD

This DVD is for followers who are getting comfortable with their basics and want to start working on how they look and move — their aesthetics. Kate goes through different options of how followers can look, and discusses why she’s made the choices she has. There are variations and practice tips.

The Texas Tommy

This move is probably the greatest scurge of the social-floor follower, who are all to used to having leaders throw their arms around their back and yank on them like lawn mowers. So, our aim was to create the most in-depth Texas Tommy primer we could, geared towards making sure it’s as comfortable as possible, so that everyone will enjoy the experience.

The Seattle Move

This is a Bobby & Kate original. The entrance alone can go a hundred different directions, which is why we give you three exits, including a follower’s double turn exit and the original “Helwiggy” wrap-up exit, which requires some mastery over energy levels, but ultimately is one of the coolest feeling flows we know of. We break it all down.

The Scorpion Kick

Alright, let’s get a little tricky. Have plenty of space on a dance floor? In the middle of your first strictly contest, and you and your partner want to show off a little? Try out one of the slickest moves of the modern Balboa dance floor, borrowed from Tango. Some call it “The Butterfly kick,” or “The Tango.” We like something with a little more bite: “The Scorpion Kick.”