So! You’re new to Balboa, and you don’t know know what the best order is for doing these online lessons. Here’s our recommended order:


Beginning June 1, 2023 OnlineBalboa will be moving to a new streaming and payment service. As such, we won’t be able to carry over the accounts and passwords to a new location. If you purchase a lesson here today, or have purchased lessons here before, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THEM before that date.

To download a video, simply play the video, and a downward arrow should be visible on the playbar. Click that arrow and your download should begin.

And, please do not give those downloaded lessons to others; we’re a very small company run by two not-very-highly-paid artists, and piracy greatly affects us.


Pure Balboa for Beginners DVD

This DVD covers all of the fundamentals of Pure Balboa (also known as the “Balboa” that goes into “Bal-Swing”).

Bal-Swing for Beginners DVD

This DVD covers the fundamentals of all the major “Swing” steps (as in,the “Swing” of “Bal-Swing.”) It covers Out & Ins, Lollies, Toss-Outs, and a few other turns.

Technique for Followers DVD

This DVD was a revolution when it first appeared — instruction for followers that doesn’t involve patterns, but instead, helps followers program their body to react on a moment by moment basis, the way following is truly experienced.

Swivels I

This is, in a lot of ways, the “fifth basic step” after dancers have learned their Pure Bal Basics, Out & Ins, Lollies, and Toss-outs. Also, look out for Swivels II as a new lesson we’ll be adding soon.

Finally, check out our FREE lesson on Posture & Connection.

Once you’ve covered these bases, you’re probably ready for Intermediate material.