So! You’re new to Balboa, and you don’t know know what the best order is for doing these online lessons. Here’s our recommended order:


Pure Balboa for Beginners DVD

This DVD covers all of the fundamentals of Pure Balboa (also known as the “Balboa” that goes into “Bal-Swing”).

Bal-Swing for Beginners DVD

This DVD covers the fundamentals of all the major “Swing” steps (as in,the “Swing” of “Bal-Swing.”) It covers Out & Ins, Lollies, Toss-Outs, and a few other turns.

Technique for Followers DVD

This DVD was a revolution when it first appeared — instruction for followers that doesn’t involve patterns, but instead, helps followers program their body to react on a moment by moment basis, the way following is truly experienced.

Swivels I

This is, in a lot of ways, the “fifth basic step” after dancers have learned their Pure Bal Basics, Out & Ins, Lollies, and Toss-outs. Also, look out for Swivels II as a new lesson we’ll be adding soon.

Finally, check out our FREE lesson on Posture & Connection.

Once you’ve covered these bases, you’re probably ready for Intermediate material.