DVD: Aesthetics for Followers

About the DVD:

This DVD is geared toward getting a great look and style in Balboa and Bal-Swing. But it’s much more than just a collection of followers’ variations — it’s a DVD about showing followers how to build and invent their own styles and empower their own voices.

It explains how a follower like Kate has created hers based on the mechanics and spirit of Balboa and Bal-swing. It doesn’t just explain what a follower can do, but why, when, and how a follower can do it. The DVD also covers beginner to advanced styling ideas and variations.

Here is the track listing for this DVD:


Shapes 0:20

Legs 3:54

Bent & Straight 7:24

Purpose 10:09


Default 13:24

Making Contact 15:09

Releasing 17:45


Playing With Rhythm 20:38

Delay & Syncopation 24:40

Half Time 30:17


Creating Shapes 37:50

Rotation 38:42

Lines 42:58

Turns 49:30