DVD: Pure Bal for Beginners

About the DVD:

Bobby & Kate tackle Pure Balboa from its roots in rhythm and weight placement, allowing for dancers to start playing with the dance from their very first step. It then tackles the two main basics and all of the fundamental Ad-lib steps like forward/back progressives, side-scoots, crab walks, and paddles. They also discuss tension, posture, shuffling, and the history of the dance.

Here is a track listing for this DVD:


Posture 0:31

Slows 3:24

Quicks 5:31

Shuffling 7:20

Single Time 9:08

Double Time 12:36

Mixing Basics 16:06



Progressives 20:34

Side Scoots 24:30

Paddles 29:35

Crabwalks 34:24

Drag Slide 37:57