DVD: Technique for Followers

About the DVD:

Kate & Bobby revolutionized Balboa learning when they put out DVDs specifically aimed for followers. They were also very pleased — but not surprised — at how much Leaders seemed to get out of the DVDs. This DVD approaches the fundamentals of Balboa and Bal-Swing from the viewpoint of a follower — the one who doesn’t know which move is coming next, and must live and react in the moment.

Rather than looking at following as a series of patterns, Kate and Bobby give followers all the tools needed to follow the major Balboa movements, and thus almost anything a leader can throw at a follower. Topics covered include posture, rhythm, stretch, compression, out-and-in movement, and turning.

Here is the track listing for this DVD:

Pure Bal

Steps  0:21

Pulse  3:00

Posture 6:25

Shape 10:23

Arms 13:24


Out & INs

Steps 16:34

Contact & Connection 18:54


Lolly Kicks

Compression & Stretch 22:59

Steps & Pivoting 26:28



Steps 29:49

Tucks & Turns   32:12

Posture  35:11

Arms  36:09