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Beginning June 1, 2023 OnlineBalboa will be moving to a new streaming and payment service. As such, we won’t be able to carry over the accounts and passwords to a new location. If you purchase a lesson here today, or have purchased lessons here before, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THEM before that date.

To download a video, simply play the video, and a downward arrow should be visible on the playbar. Click that arrow and your download should begin.

And, please do not give those downloaded lessons to others; we’re a very small company run by two not-very-highly-paid artists, and piracy greatly affects us.

Bobby & Kate have released five DVDs that have become essential learning tools in households all over the world. Now, for the first time, they are available online here. (Still want an actual DVD to have and to hold? Check out our store!) Track lists can be seen on each DVD’s individual page, shown in the menu, top left.

When you click on the DVDs, you will see we also have package deals for purchasing them.

PURE BALBOA for Beginners DVD

Bobby & Kate tackle Pure Balboa from its roots in rhythm and weight placement, allowing for dancers to start playing with the dance from their very first step. It then tackles the two main basics and all of the fundamental Ad-lib steps like forward/back progressives, side-scoots, crab walks, and paddles. They also discuss tension, posture, shuffling, and the history of the dance.

BAL-SWING for Beginners DVD

Bobby & Kate tackle Bal-Swing from mechanics and styles inspired by old timers. They cover all the basic Out & In movements, Lolly Kicks, turns in Lollies, and Toss-outs. They also discuss tension, posture, arm-body relationships, the Out & In’s role as the Bal-Swing basic, and the history of the dance.

FOOTWORK for Inter/Adv DVD

Since arms are almost always connected in Balboa and Bal-Swing, much of the dance is expressed through footwork (or, as we like to say, Body/Leg work). This DVD gives lots of footwork variations for both Leaders and Followers in all of the “Five Basics” — Pure Bal, Out & Ins, Lollies, Toss-outs, and Swivels. It has sliding, crossing, kicking, swooping, shuffling, and a move that’s will make you look like Fred Astaire leaving a room.

TECHNIQUE for Followers

Kate & Bobby revolutionized Balboa learning when they put out DVDs specifically aimed for followers. They were also very pleased — but not surprised — at how much Leaders seemed to get out of the DVDs. This DVD approaches the fundamentals of Balboa and Bal-Swing from the viewpoint of a follower — the one who doesn’t know which move is coming next, and must live and react in the moment.

Rather than looking at following as a series of patterns, Kate and Bobby give followers all the tools needed to follow the major Balboa movements, and thus almost anything a leader can throw at a follower. Topics covered include posture, rhythm, stretch, compression, out-and-in movement, and turning.

AESTHETICS for Followers

This DVD is geared toward getting a great look and style in Balboa and Bal-Swing. But it’s much more than just a collection of followers’ variations — it’s a DVD about showing followers how to build and invent their own styles and empower their own voices. It explains how a follower like Kate has created hers based on the mechanics and spirit of Balboa and Bal-swing. It doesn’t just explain what a follower can do, but why, when, and how a follower can do it. The DVD also covers beginner advanced styling ideas and variations.